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Eucno Fire Pistons are prized possessions for outdoor enthusiasts everywhere!

“All our products are precision machined on a TAIG metal lathe.”

  Made of polished brass and 6061T6 Airplane grade aluminum, the Eucno Model X1B is the top of the line for the Eucno metal fire piston series.  This model is machined on a high-precision TAIG metal lathe.  Although it is the most elegant of the Eucno fire pistons it is also built to last a lifetime.  The Eucno X1B utilizes a precision, highly polished brass compression cylinder and a 6061 Aluminum ram rod with a stylish black metal handle. 

The compression cylinder is about 4 inches long and the ramrod assembly is about 5 inches long.  This fire piston will create an ember every time.  The unit has a silk smooth stroke and ships in an attractive velveteen drawstring carry pouch.

As with all Eucno fire pistons, this fire piston is tested before shipment and can be used immediately.

Your purchase includes:

·      A precision brass cylinder

·      A 6061 aluminum ramrod with o-ring

·      Lubricant

·      An extra O-ring

·      Char cloth

·      A history of the fire piston

·      The care and cleaning of the fire piston

·      How to make char cloth

·      Troubleshooting tips

·      An attractive velveteen drawstring carry pouch

Half the fun of owning a fire piston is demonstrating the creation of fire to friends and explaining its remarkable history, including the role the fire piston played in inspiring the design of the diesel engine of today. 

The unit will be replaced if it doesn’t work for any reason!



Made in the U.S.A.


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